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Whether you are considering an extension, or modernizing an older home a well executed remodel can greatly enhance both your life style and the value of your property.

A poorly executed, disorganized remodeling job, however, can wreck havoc to your life, ruin the character of your home and leave you frustrated and disappointed.

With John St. John Construction, Inc., your remodeling project will run smoothly and efficiently, work will be performed to the highest standards of excellence under John St. John's personal supervision, and the work will be carried out in an organized and timely manner.

Using only top grade materials, John St. John ensures that every remodeling project is both structurally, aesthetically pleasing and functionally on target. Working closely with your architect and spending a considerable amount of time discussing the most appropriate way to meet your individual and specific requirements, John St. John ensures that every renovation meets both his customer's expectations and his own exacting standards of quality.





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